El Paso, TX

July 18 - July 28, 2024 • El Paso, TX


Screenwriter Carrie Silva a double winner

July 28

Carrie Silva of El Paso is a double winner in this year’s second Plaza Classic Screenwriting Competition.

Her screenplay The Best Dive in the 915 took first place in this year’s competition. Carrie also received first prize in our first PCFF Screenwriting Pitch Fest last Wednesday at the International Bar (INTL).

She will receive the $500 first prize, a copy of Final Draft 12, and a script consultation with El Paso writer-director Lucky McKee. Her pitch fest prize is $300 toward production of a short film of her script by El Paso’s Subharmonic City Productions.

Competition coordinator Austin Savage has adapted the 111-page screenplay for a one-hour table read at 12:30 pm Sunday, July 30 in the Philanthropy Theatre, inside the Plaza Theatre complex. Admission is FREE. Silva plans to attend. Savage leads a cast of six actors who’ll read various parts — Roland Esparza, Mia Grajeda, Nichole Audrey Hardgrove, Aura Moon and Brad Thomason.

El Pasoan Don Patterson is the second prize award winner for his screenplay, Freddy Reno Went Missing. He receives $250 and a copy of Final Draft 12.

Second prize in the pitch fest went to El Paso’s Diego Rico for his pitch of his screenplay, A Permanent Record. We took up a collection from the more than 40 people who attended the event, raising $70 cash for our runner-up.

Silva, Patterson and Rico were among 10 finalists in this year’s competition. The others are Humberto Castro of El Paso, Dreamality; Marie Descrosiers of Sunshine, FL, for Infanticide; Justin Kalman of El Paso, A Tale to Tell; Joanna Karler of Garland, TX, and Liane Morales of El Paso for That One Night in J-Town; Arthur Portillo of Canutillo for The Killing Kind; Khtohi Ross of Monroeville, PA for The Behavior of Grace; and Samuel Taylor of Los Angeles for At the Mercy of Faith.

Pictured: Joanna Karler and Liane Morales face other finalists at the pitch fest.