El Paso, TX

July 18 - July 28, 2024 • El Paso, TX

Up in Smoke

Mills Plaza Drive-in/Walk-up
$5 door
Thursday, July 25
Mills Plaza Parking Garage

The comedy duo of Cheech and Chong brought 10 years of stand-up comedy routines to life in their first feature film – which launched the “stoner genre.” Record executive Lou Adler (who executive produced The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Chong directed the story of two free-spirited pot smokers who accidentally cross paths and get arrested for getting high on the side of the road. After an absurd court hearing, they are immediately released. Not soon after, they find themselves mistakenly identified as illegal immigrants and are deported to Mexico. Once in Mexico they are persuaded to smuggle a van made of weed to the U.S. Stacy Keach (The Long Riders, American History X) plays beleaguered Sgt. Stedenko, the agent who is hot on their trail. This cult classic made over $108 million in its theatrical run and launched Cheech and Chong’s lucrative film. — Jaime Mendez

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Rated: R