El Paso, TX

July 18 - July 28, 2024 • El Paso, TX


4K restoration
Plaza After Dark
Saturday, July 27
Plaza Theatre Kendle Kidd Performance Hall

Brian De Palma created a whole new kind of horror movie with this bold adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller. Carrie White is an awkward teenager who is repressed by her hyper-religious mother and left friendless by her cruel classmates. When one of the popular students (Amy Irving) seemingly takes pity on Carrie and offers to send her to the prom with her boyfriend, it seems like Carrie may finally find acceptance in school and escape the clutches of her domineering mother. Or will she? It takes the everyday — like overbearing parents and bullying classmates — and amplifies them, reminding us of the horrific moments that come along with the ubiquitous teenage experiences of high school and puberty. PCFF 2024 special guest Sissy Spacek received her first Oscar nomination for her performance in this classic horror film. Note: We’re one of the first to show this new 4K digital restoration. — Jack Fields and Lisa Elliott

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Rated: R