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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Signature Classic
Thursday, August 5
Abraham Chavez Theatre
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When films try to combine techniques or concepts, they often end up falling short. The landmark 1988 film *Who Framed Roger Rabbit? *is the rare movie that pulls it off. It successfully pairs animation and live action, comedy and film noir, and entertainment with a moving message of accepting those who are different from us. It also pulled off the feat of including cartoon characters from different studios. It stars Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant, a weary private eye tasked with investigating Roger Rabbit in order to determine if he murdered a wealthy business man. In addition to praise from audience and critics, it won numerous accolades including Academy Awards for Film and Sound Editing, Visuals Effects and a Special Achievement Award for animation.

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Starring: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd; voices of Kathleen Turner, Charles Fleischer
Rated: PG