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The War of the Worlds

It Came From…
Thursday, August 5
Abraham Chavez Theatre
The war of the worlds 3

Seven-time Academy Award-winning producer George Pal’s first foray into the works of British author H.G. Wells was updated to the present and relocated from England to Southern California. Based on the 1898 novel, the story is of a marauding armada from Mars laying waste the planet Earth until an ironic revelation. Miniature work and Technicolor special effects are unbelievably realistic, beautiful and frightening. A milestone in film technology and one of the few truly great science fiction films of the 1950s, it won an Academy Award for special effects. This was the inspiration for a 1990s TV series, and the 1996 summer blockbuster Independence Day. The original book also provided the source of three different retellings in 2005 — one of which was Steven Spielberg’s $132 million version starring Tom Cruise.

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Starring: Gene Barry, Ann Robinson
Rated: NR