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The Virgin Suicides

20th anniversary
Plaza After Dark
Friday, August 9
Philanthropy Theatre
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The virgin suicides 2

Based on a novel written by Jeffrey Eugenides, director Sofia Coppola (daughter of The Godfather trilogy director Francis Ford Coppola) made an impressive debut with this haunting film. Behind the backdrop of a 1970s milieu, it’s the story of a family whose protective parents, played by Kathleen Turner and James Woods, try to keep their five daughters safe from the outside world but aren’t able to protect them from the dangers of themselves. Directed by a woman but featuring a male narrator, this film explores the male gaze and the objectification of women — but doesn’t allow it. Rather, it’s that frustrated male gaze, and never really knowing these young women and their inner lives, that will keep the audience thinking about the film, and our voyeuristic desire to look and to know, long after the closing credits.

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Starring: James Wood, Kathleen Turner, Kirsten Dunst, Jost Hartnett
Rated: R