El Paso, TX

Aug 1-11, 2019 • El Paso, TX Twitter iconFacebook icon

The River and the Wall

With Jay Kleberg
Plaza Docs
Saturday, August 3
Philanthropy Theatre
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Talk about building a wall on the southern border got five adventurers — two filmmakers, a scientist, a river guide and an outdoorsman — wondering what that would actually entail in Texas. Starting in El Paso, they use mountain bikes, horses, canoes and their feet to travel the Rio Grande and the 1,200-mile Texas-Mexico border. By the time they reach the Gulf of Mexico, they have experienced breathtaking scenery, a notorious stretch inhabited by drug cartels at night, and frustrated Rio Grande Valley farmers who stand to lose large chunks of land to the proposed wall. Congressman Will Hurd and El Paso presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke make appearances. One of the five travelers, associate producer Jay Kleberg (who brought the Chalk the Block public art festival idea to El Paso) will be on hand to answer questions from KVIA news anchor Stephanie Valle and the audience.

Tickets are on sale at the Plaza Theatre Box Office and Ticketmaster.com (service charges apply.)

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Starring: Ben Masters, Jay Kleberg, Heather Mackey
Rated: NR