El Paso, TX

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The Heart Outright

Local Flavor
Saturday, August 5
Philanthropy Theatre
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Ross Marks, an assistant professor with New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute, directed this sequel to father-in-law Mark Medoff’s 1974 play and 1979 movie, When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder? That story involved an unstable Vietnam veteran and a teenaged Stephen “Red” Ryder’s character-revealing heroism. Thirteen years later, the death of Red’s mother brings him back home, reluctantly, to the places and people he vowed to avoid, including old flame Angel (Jessica Medoff). It’s dialogue-heavy as the small cast unpeels buried layers of hurt in hopes of finding some redemption. Made with a largely NMSU student crew.

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Starring: Brad Makarowski, Jessica Medoff
Rated: NR