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The Bad and the Beautiful

Signature Classic
Wednesday, August 4
Abraham Chavez Theatre
The bad and the beautiful 2

Five Academy Awards went to this dark and glamorous look at the world of Hollywood. In one of his best early roles, Kirk Douglas (nominated) plays Jonathan Shields, a big-shot movie executive on the brink of ruin. When his friend and fellow producer (Walter Pidgeon) finds the movie project that could save them both, he summons the most popular actress, director, and writer in the business to bring it all to life. Through flashbacks, it is revealed how Shields helped and hurt all three of their lives. Will they all still come together and save his skin? The all-star cast, and the Oscar-winning screenplay, costumes, and cinematography all combine to make this one of the best movies about the movies.

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Starring: Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Walter Pidgeon, Dick Powell
Rated: NR