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Romancing the Stone

With Kathleen Turner
Saturday, August 5
Kendle Kidd Performance Hall
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After establishing herself as a modern-day femme fatale in Body Heat (1981), Kathleen Turner took on romantic comedy and proved to be just as adept in this genre. Paired with Michael Douglas, who also scored a career milestone with this film (skillfully directed by Robert Zemeckis in his breakthrough), she creates one of her most memorable characters as Joan Wilder, a frumpy romance novelist who finds real adventure and true love as she travels to Colombia to rescue her kidnapped sister. Douglas and Turner became a sort of Nick and Nora Charles of the ’80s, with additional hits in The Jewel of the Nile (1985) and The War of the Roses (1989). In the words of Jack Colton: “You’ve got a deal.”

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Starring: Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Alfonso Arau
Rated: PG-13