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Pete's Dragon

40th Anniversary
Plaza Family
Monday, August 7
Philanthropy Theatre
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Pete's dragon

Live action and animation combine in this Disney tale of an orphan befriended by a magic dragon named Elliott in rural Maine of the early 20th century. Pete (Sean Marshall) has run away from his abusive adoptive parents (including Shelley Winters in one of her mid-career hag roles). After hiding out in caves from the evil Dr. Terminus (Jim Dale), Elliott leads his young charge to a lighthouse run by the unlikely father-and-daughter team of Mickey Rooney and ’70s pop star Helen Reddy (singing several anachronistic ballads and ditties). Notable as the first Disney animated feature without the input of the studio’s famous “Nine Old Men,” Pete’s Dragon represents a generational shift (it was Don Bluth’s last feature at Disney). Remade last year with Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford (still charismatic at 80).

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Starring: Sean Marshall, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Red Buttons, Mickey Rooney
Rated: G