El Paso, TX

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One Giant Leap
Saturday, August 3
Philanthropy Theatre
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Moon 3

For his directorial debut, Duncan Jones takes on themes associated with his famous father, rock icon David Bowie. The specter of Bowie’s anthem of alienation, Space Oddity (“Ground control to Major Tom …”), hovers relentlessly over Moon. On a three-year contract with Lunar Industries, an astronaut (Sam Rockwell) mines helium-3, the Earth’s current fuel of choice, as the sole employee at a space station. His only contact is with GERTY, a computer (voiced by Kevin Spacey) that functions as his robot companion. As he nears the end of his mission, the astronaut experiences an accident that makes him question his entire existence. Or as Major Tom would confess, “Planet Earth is blue/and there’s nothing I can do.”

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Starring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey
Rated: R