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Magical Melies Matinee

Hosted by Jay Duncan
Monday, August 5
El Paso Public Library
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French film pioneer Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès (1861-1938) was an illusionist and filmmaker who innovated numerous special effects techniques and made some of the first science fiction and fantasy films. Since we are showing his surrealistic silent short A Trip to the Moon (1902) as part of Plaza Days on Aug. 1 to kick off our One Giant Leap space exploration thread, we asked local film historian and Sunset Film Society director Jay Duncan to re-create a program he hosted at PCFF 2012. Featured are seven of the wizard’s short films: Cinderella (1899, 6 minutes); The Enchanted Well (1903, 4 minutes); The Inn Where No Man Rests (1903, 5 minutes); Extraordinary Illusions (1903, 2 minutes); Tchin-Choo, The Chinese Conjurer (1904, 3:30 minutes), Conquest of the Pole (1912, 30 minutes); and A Trip to the Moon (1902, 15 minutes).

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