El Paso, TX

July 29 - August 8, 2021 • El Paso, TX Twitter iconFacebook icon

Local Flavor I

Local Flavor
Friday, July 30
Abraham Chavez Theatre

The first of two Local Programs of short films will screen: Screamless (Scream spoof), Nicholas Venecia, 2:07 minutes; Neighbor of the Year (pandemic satire), Robert Holguin, 10 minutes; You’ll Find Love (music video), Karla Armendariz, 3:25 minutes; I’ve Got the Flashdrive, from the Hit Broadway musical Vampire, Vampire, Who’s Got the Vampire (experimental), Jeremy Alice Long, 4 minutes; Once an Eagle (music video), Galen Ivey, 3:50 minutes; Can’t Have It Both Ways (music video), Jenn Garcia, 8:39 minutes; and JOSIE (documentary), Jacqueline Barragan, 14:04 minutes. Filmmakers Zach Passero and Lucky McKee host. A Q&A with filmmakers will follow the screenings.

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Starring: Various
Rated: NR