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Forbidden Planet

One Giant Leap
Friday, August 2
Philanthropy Theatre
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Transporting Shakespeare’s The Tempest to outer space, Forbidden Planet remains one of the most influential films of its genre. Gene Roddenberry cited it as an inspiration for his Star Trek series, and others have credited it for helping launch the Star Wars juggernaut and the sci-fi boomlet that followed. Along with their mechanical manservant (Robby the Robot as the Caliban figure), a scientist (Walter Pidgeon) and his daughter (Anne Francis) are the only survivors of an expedition that blasted off 20 years earlier from Earth. Sent to investigate what happened to the mission, Commander J.J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen) discovers that the planet once harbored an advanced civilization whose secrets, if unleashed, could destroy all of mankind. Although originally envisioned as a B movie, Forbidden Planet ended up as an A-list success.

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Starring: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen
Rated: G