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For All Mankind

One Giant Leap
Wednesday, August 7
El Paso Public Library
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For all mankind 2

Journalist-turned-documentarian Al Reinert did something in the late 1980s that hadn’t been done before — he pieced together a film about NASA’s six missions to the moon using film from NASA’s archive that hadn’t been seen by the public. Reinert, a Texas Monthly correspondent, and editor Susan Korda reviewed 6 million feet of film and spent 18 months scanning 16mm footage to 35mm. For narration, he blended interviews with 13 Apollo astronauts, including Jim Lovell and Ken Mattingly, with flight recordings that reveal their inner thoughts and emotions. For All Mankind reminds us of the monumental effort to land men on the moon, and the enduring impact it had on the men who were part of it.

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Starring: Buzz Aldrin, Bill Anders, Jim Lovell, Russel Schweickart
Rated: NR