El Paso, TX

July 30 – August 9, 2020 • El Paso, TX Twitter iconFacebook icon

Filmmakers Brunch

With Bart Weiss
Filmmakers Brunch
Sunday, August 11
Foundation Room
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Dallas VideoFest founder and University of Texas at Arlington film professor Bart Weiss always has something new up his sleeve when he comes to visit the Plaza Classic Film Festival. This year’s annual Filmmakers Brunch promises something new and very different — a peek at the first-ever Go-Show. It’s a video/audio/podcast hybrid for mobile devices that combines storytelling, filmmaking, acting, sound and imagination. Weiss is currently working on a go-show called Fire Bones (check out firebones.org). In addition, tech-head Weiss will demonstrate the capabilities of DaVinci Resolve 16 new Cut Page for editors on the go.

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