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El Senor Fotografo

Spanish with English subtitles
Cold Warriors
Sunday, August 6
Philanthropy Theatre
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El senor fotografo 3

Fast-talking, wise-cracking Cantinflas plays a professional photographer’s apprentice taken hostage by thieves as he tries to steal flowers for his girlfriend, Chelito (Rosita Arenas). The thieves believe he’s an assistant to Dr. Penagos (Ángel Garasa), a scientist believed to be building an atomic bomb. Penagos has suffered memory loss due to an accident, and the thieves believe Cantinflas is the lone holder of the secret plans to the atomic bomb. This film is one of 33 cinematic collaborations between director Miguel M. Delgado and Cantinflas, including previous Plaza Classic Film Festival inclusions El Bombero Atomico, El Bolero De Raquel and El Padrecito.

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Starring: Mario "Cantinflas" Moreno, Rosita Arenas, Angel Garasa
Rated: NR