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El Mago

Spanish with English subtitles
Signature Classic
Sunday, August 4
Philanthropy Theatre
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El mago 1

Mario Moreno returns as his cinematic alter-ego Cantinflas, alongside director Miguel M. Delgado, in this 1949 comedy. Cantinflas is suckered into taking the place of Mago Krishnar, an Asian spiritualist who is on holiday. A group of missionaries from the Mago’s native country of Arichi, where he is the heir to the country’s leader, believe that Cantinflas is the true Mago and take him back to their country, where they want him to assume power. This film is one of 33 cinematic collaborations between Delgado and Cantinflas; others include previous Plaza Classic Film Festival films El Bombero Atómico, El Bolero De Raquel and El Padrecito.

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Starring: Catinflas, Leonora Amar, José Baviera
Rated: NR