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Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

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Tuesday, August 8
El Paso Public Library
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It’s lucky for us that Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher engaged friends and documentarians Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens (best known for the *Short Circuit *movies) to make this intimate documentary about her relationship with her mother, Hollywood legend and El Paso native Debbie Reynolds. Their rollercoaster relationship, battles with age (Debbie) and mental illness (Carrie), eccentricities and, ultimately, the strong bond of love they shared are prominently on display in this compelling, sometimes cringeworthy, always engaging look behind the curtain. It made the festival rounds last year, and HBO, which moved up its air date to January, shortly after Fisher, 60, and Reynolds, 84, died a day apart last December. It was Debbie’s last film appearance, and she was always “on” when the camera was around.

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Starring: Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds
Rated: NR