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Anatomy of a Murder

60th anniversary
Signature Classic
Thursday, August 1
Plaza Theatre Kendle Kidd Performance Hall
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Anatomy of a murder 2

After exploring his darker side in a ’50s series of Anthony Mann westerns and two Hitchcock thrillers, James Stewart displays an even more complex persona in the edgy Anatomy of a Murder. As Paul Biegler, a district attorney recently voted out of office, he takes on a case he initially thinks might help settle political scores. After an Army lieutenant (Ben Gazzara) is arrested for murdering a local bruiser for raping his flirtatious wife (Lee Remick), Biegler peels back the layers of complicity in a rural Michigan community and finds the moral ambiguity at its — and his own — core. It is based on a true story. Groundbreaking for its controversial themes and frank dialogue, the film has been hailed as one of the best courtroom dramas ever released.

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Starring: James Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara, Arthur O'Connell
Rated: NR